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Saskatoon, in Saskatchewan Canada, is a city that caught me by surprise. I knew the surrounding region is considered the breadbasket of Canada, so I expected the prairie capitol surrounded by farmland to be a bit provincial. So I was beyond excited to discover I was wrong. With the South Saskatchewan River running through it, the downtown core and surrounding neighborhoods are delightfully trendy, buzzing with restaurants, breweries and distilleries that stay busy into the night come summer, when daylight stretches on for some 18-hours. And when the sun does set, the waterfront trails that run for some 50-miles along the banks of the river are great places to take advantage of the spectacular sunsets, which paint the color a rainbow of saturated colors. And Saskatoon is also home to plenty of culture with festivals like MoSoFest bringing bands to seven different venues around the city and the Saskatchewan Jazz Festival, the second largest (after Vancouver) in Western Canada, also attracting sizeable crowds. Saskatoon is also a city easy to explore by foot, which means unless you plan heading further North to places like Prince Albert National Park, walking could suit you just fine. But best of all, I loved the people, who are unquestionably friendly and prideful to call this spirited prairieland home.


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