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Catch Carri in Cleveland, Ohio. Cleveland has been a city abuzz since the recent return of Akron native, LeBron James. Basketball is only one component of this city’s rebirth – top restaurants, shopping, and art are only a few ways that Cleveland is reinventing itself.


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  • Catch Carri

    Fun fact for the day... did you know the world's largest outdoor chandelier is in Cleveland at Playhouse Square? It's 20 feet tall and made with 4,200 crystals. Check out these other reasons why Cleveland is a city of tops.

    Posted - a day ago
  • Catch Carri

    In #Milwaukee find Holler House. In the basement of this dive of a bar are the worlds oldest sanctioned bowling lanes. It still runs on a manual system with pin setters returning the balls to the center of the lanes.

    Posted - 4 days ago
  • Catch Carri

    A different kind of Ivy League. Excited to catch a Cubs game in Chicago today at one of the most iconic stadiums in the country.

    Posted - 6 days ago
  • Catch Carri

    Here’s a favorite post of ours from the past: One of my favorite dining experiences in Denver has been Dining Al Fresco at Larimer Square. The historic block is shut down and smartly dressed tables spill into the streets below the stringed lights. There are two more events- July 19 and August 16! Here's my story: #ThrowbackThursday powered by

    Posted - 6 days ago
  • Catch Carri

    Three more free Yoga Rocks the Park events at Sunken Gardens for the summer: July 26, Aug. 23 and Sept. 6. Each one features a new DJ and yoga instructor with fest. and food trucks to follow.

    Posted - 7 days ago

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