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It’s called the ‘Thousand Islands’ but even cooler is that there are actually more than 1,800 sub-continental pieces of land that make up the region. The islands, in the St. Lawrence River, straddle the border of the U.S. and Canada. Today, the region is a hub for outdoor enthusiasts who come for hiking, boating and kayaking. But the history of the area can be explored much deeper in places like Gananoque.

The Victorian town, in Ontario, on the Canadian side, is often called the gateway to the 1,000 Islands. In this video we have show you some of the top spots to visit on a trip, including a cruise with the Gananoque Boat Line to spots like the massive Boldt Castle, a tour with 1,000 Islands Helicopter Tour for incredible aerial views and a bike and picnic along the the Rideau Canal. When it comes to a place to stay, you don’t want to miss the Gananoque Inn which offers easy access for water activities like boating and fishing and is walking distance to the main street for breweries and restaurants.


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  • Carri Wilbanks "Catch Carri"

    Join me in Golden, Colorado- the perfect place for a Denver day trip! For full on advneture try something like paragliding and for something a little more laid back- we suggest tubing down Clear Creek:

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    In Hocking Hills, Ohio can try anything from sleeping in a forest to repelling down a waterfall. At the end of the day, calm your adrenaline rush with a glass of Moonshine & a story about how it’s made. Straitsville Special Moonshine

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    It wasn't just outdoor activities that impressed me at Myrtle Beach, but also the food. Dine at The Chemist for a complete molecular experience or sweeten things up with waffles at Johnny D's Waffles and Bakery, all made from recipes created by chef & owner, Jamie Saunders. Personal favorite here – the Red Velvet Waffle! Visit Myrtle Beach, South Carolina The Chemist - Craft Cocktails and Modern Cuisine

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    I am most happy when pushing myself out of my comfort zone & the summer trip I took into the Canadian Rockies did just that. From heli rides & climbing vertical walls to hiking and even zipline water crossing- you can find it all with Canadian Mountain Holidays

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