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In Asheville, the streets are filled with a vibrant energy that is contagious and even if you had plans to turn in early, when the weather is warm, it’s hard to not stay out late – you’ll simply be having too much fun. Best of all, most of Asheville’s nightlife can be experienced in its compact and walkable downtown area. In this video, we feature four of my favorite spots for a drink around the city, including the Asheville Food Park (food trucks and chill outdoor setting) Ben’s Tune Up (Sake Brewed on Site), Top of the Monk (speakeasy style bar) and Nightbell, also a speakeasy style bar. Head to to plan your trip.


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    Jamming outside with Bose sound link mini after making it to the top of booth falls in Visit Vail Valley. I love the compact size and Bluetooth and wifi capability. Online at eBags

    Posted - a day ago
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    Saskatoon is a city that caught me by surprise. I loved getting to meet and chat wth local business owners- one who won the lottery and decided to open LB Distillers. More here:

    Posted - a day ago
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    Meet Bailey, a llama who you can hike to lunch with through Paragon Guides in Vail. He loves to stop for grass along the way and steered my new kick through mud but still loving this pack animal!

    Posted - 4 days ago
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    That time I caught four fish- just one reason Prince Albert National Park is a jewel in the wild.

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    Posted - 10 days ago
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    Exploring outside of Munich on a trip to Rothenburg, a well preserved medieval old town where the oldest buildings date back to 900. So captivated by the architecture and traditions that remain!

    Posted - 18 days ago

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