A Tru Grand Slam

05 Jul A Tru Grand Slam

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A chance to win three jars of pickles from True Pickles.


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After canning pickles as a hobby for 25 years, Greg Skufca decided to play ball. A Littleton based company, Tru Pickles is at the top of its game now selling a nationwide crunch. Already running three companies, selling pickles wasn’t at the top of Skufca’s list. “Finally, two years ago I woke up on my birthday and said let’s do this.” Skufca wasn’t kidding, either.

Tru Pickles has never struck out, but it was a tough pitch to some. His first customer is one you may never assume- a Boulder based tire shop. “They were a tire shop selling pickles – now they are a pickle store selling tires,” Skufca jokes. Over 1,000 Ace Hardwares nationwide are also selling the pickles. The first Ace Hardware to stock the jars was skeptical. “I told them if you don’t sell them I’ll buy them back; give me a whirl. I never did have to buy them back. The next day they actually called asking for a second case,” reveals Skufca.

Skufca says people pick Tru Pickles because they taste the way a pickle should.  Sticking to his great grandmother’s European recipe, Skufca never had to add preservatives; they never had them. At the bottom of each jar you will notice a grape leaf that keeps them fresh and crisp, instead of unnatural chemicals. Each jar is hand packed with quality spices like pepper, garlic and dill.

“We want to be the Ben & Jerry of pickles. Ice cream flavors started out with strawberry, vanilla and chocolate, then expanded. We are doing the same with pickles.” Just in time for summer heat, a new recipe is warming up in the bull pen. Tru Hell is for heavy hitters only! The current line-up includes Bread and Butter, Smoked Black Pepper and the Original Dill.

Already in the game for two years, Skufca has no regrets. “Selling pickles is too much fun.”