Asylum Haunted House


Gallery not found. Please check your settings.Let the shiver begin with the ice-cold greeting at the Asylum. Glamour replaced with gore, the Asylum doesn’t hold back. But first double the horror with Zombieland, an appetizer that leads into the mental hospital. The concept of this new attraction is an abandoned city where all humans have gone and only zombies remain.  Thrill seekers will experience zombies spilling and scaring from store fronts and around winding alleyways as they make their way through the torment.

The Asylum is set in a hospital for the mentally Insane, a damp and musty place infested with spiders, rats, snakes and the endless screams of tortured souls. The terror at this haunted house depicts the actual history of real insane asylums in the 1800s with the nightmare of typical practices like electroconvulsive shock therapy, straitjackets, branding patients’ heads with a red hot iron and of course, lobotomies. This year, guests will get scared out of their minds, literally, with an insanely redesigned layout with new rooms and animatronics, and 40 actors who come together to create a mind-blowing experience



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