Review: Mountain Standard in Vail, Colorado

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One and a half years ago, the team behind Sweet Basil introduced a new restaurant concept in Vail: Mountain Standard. Serving up rustic American dishes cooked primarily over an open flame, Mountain Standard has quite literally become the standard for innovative comfort food in Vail. The owners, husband and wife team Matt and Jana Morgan, […]

Video: MICI Handcrafted Italian + Q&A

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Generation old recipes can be found at Mici Handcrafted Italian in Cherry Creek, Stapleton, Downtown Denver and soon.. Highlands Ranch. We head inside to chat with the family ownded business. and toss around a few pies. Q:  How did the idea for “Mici” come to be? Food was always the main attraction for our Italian […]

“Chop Shop” Refines Fast Casual Concept


By: Andrew Hammerlund There’s a line in Jack Kerouac’s classic, On the Road, in which Marylou, Ed, and Dean left Denver and “roared east along Colfax and out to the Kansas’ plains”. Had these misfits hung around and survived Colfax for 60 plus years who knows what they would have thought of the east Colfax […]

Snooze’s Corned Beef Hash Prepared from Locally-Sourced Ingredients


  The food is simply called hash. Made from a base of meat and potatoes, it was created during World War II as a more economical dish to allow for the rationing of meats.  No longer a concoction of necessity, hash is now slung everywhere from high-end restaurants to local favorites like Denver’s famed A.M. eatery, […]

Q&A with Lead Mixolgist at Atticus


The area surrounding Denver University is seeing new growth and with that came the opening of Atticus, a restaurant and cafe serving comfort food with a focus on local. For more on the concept check out my review here.  We caught up with Tony, the lead mixologist, to learn how they are making this drink menu new and exciting while keeping […]

Q&A with Toshi Kizaki, Master Chef / Izakaya Den and Sushi Den


Sushi Den and Izakaya Den are known as being some of the best destinations for Japanese fare in Denver, and master chef Toshi Kizaki is the man behind their top-notch sushi and globally influenced cuisine. The newer of the two, Izakaya Den, opened just last year in a sleek space complete with a bamboo garden, […]

A New Look At The Old West: Top 10 Historic Places In Denver

The Fort

With not a single person living between South Platte River and Cherry Creek until 1857, Denver’s history is not long, but it is interesting and full of color. After the discovery of gold, everything changed. The Colorado territory got more than 100,000 new residents in less than three years. The boomtown became known as Denver, center of the […]

Video: An Interview with Frank Bonanno

Mizuna Dining Room

I recently caught up with chef Frank Bonanno, who owns and cooks in 11 Denver restaurants. The first of his restaurants, Mizuna, opened in 2001 and the success of the place has spun into a cookbook and launched his restaurant empire. Bonanno told me that the idea for Mizuna actually started when he was at […]

Video: Off the Cusp Interview with Frank Bonanno

Mizuna Dining Room

I’ve interviewed Denver’s restaurant king Frank Bonanno before about his restaurants and cooking, but this time around I wanted to get a little more personal and learn what he does outside the kitchen. Since he’s a parent, most of his time is spent parenting – hanging out with his family, cooking dinner for his kids, […]

Renovations Complete at Elway’s Downtown Denver


Renovations to ELWAY’S steak houses, co-owned by Denver Broncos quarterback and NFL Hall of Fame inductee, John Elway, is complete! Among the upgrades is a private room so fittingly named ‘John’s Room’ which accommodates up to 12 guests and offers a private viewing window into the kitchen. The room is equipped with an HD-TV with audio visual capabilities […]