Get Blissed Out: Oxygen Facial at Lash Boulevard

Get Blissed Out Oxygen Facial at Lash Boulevard

06 Dec Get Blissed Out: Oxygen Facial at Lash Boulevard

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Looking for a gift for the busy mom in your life? Consider an express oxygen facial at Lash Boulevard. Taking less than 30 minutes but leaving you feeling rejuvenated afterwards, they work great for relieving stress without taking up too much time — i.e you can squeeze one in between dropping the kids off at school and the grocery store, or on a lunch break from work. 
I admit that when I first heard about an express facial I was skeptical that such a short session could be so effective. So I decided to try it out at one of Lash Boulevard’s newest location in LoHi, which has only been open for three months. I walked out impressed. Not only did I feel relaxed afterwards, but my skin felt great. I also could keep my clothes on for the procedure, which saved me time (not that I don’t dislike the full  spa pampering experience, when I have time to spare).  
First, owner Karen Martiz cleansed and exfoliated my skin. Then she put an enzyme masque on before doing the oxygen treatment which helps my absorb the product more and allows for a ton of hydration. Oxygen also helps stimulate healing and circulation and provides the skin with a soothing and calming effect. Finally, oxygen is good for killing acne causing bacteria and bringing down inflammation. It is also believed that oxygen facials help stop visible signs of aging that are the result of an oxygen deficiency in subcutaneous capillaries under the surface of the skin.    
The oxygen is sprayed on with a device similar to what makeup artists use for an airbrush gun, under high pressure, and while I feel a cool blast of air during application it is in no way uncomfortable. Karen explains that the facial infuses the skin with pure oxygen, which means the oxygen molecules are delivered directly to the epidermis to help refresh the above mentioned capillaries. The oxygen is also infused with botanical, mineral, vitamin and nutrient extracts.  
After the masque comes a serum, another oxygen application and then moisturizer, which the oxygen allows the skin to better absorb in order to get a smoother, plumper look. All the products are from Image Skincare. I walk out feeling refreshed and I swear my face has a healthy glow about it that didn’t exist before. Not a bad way to spend 30 minutes. 
Note this facial is also a great gift for relatives traveling to Colorado for the holidays as it helps keep skin moisturized longer in our ultra dry climate. It also helps with sunburn if you are heading out to the high country or the mountains for skiing. And if you get a group together you can even make it a fun post brunch or pre happy hour option as there are four reclining chairs for the express facials, and afterwards you can check out their bar serving wine and mimosas. If you do have more time, there are 60-minute options available which is in a private room and has massage elements and extractions.
Price: 30 minutes $49
Other services: Lash Extensions, microblading, and eyelash extensions