Mother’s Day inspiration: 10 gifts she really wants

12 Mar Mother’s Day inspiration: 10 gifts she really wants

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With Mother’s Day just around the corner (May 10) you’re probably starting to think about what you can get your mom this year that’s unique and special. You’ve exhausted the chocolates, flowers and her favourite perfume for years now, so go ahead and make it one to remember in 2015. Get her something that she really wants. Below are 10 gift ideas:

mother's day gift set

Pampering products
Every woman wants to be pampered once in a while. Send her a gift basket full of pampering products and beauty essentials. Mother’s Day gifts can also include everything from chocolates and wine to photos and jewellery.

A cooked meal
Whether you invite her over to cook her favourite meal or pay for her to go out for dinner at her favourite restaurant, she’ll appreciate the thought.

A new wardrobe
She’s been moaning that she wants a fresh new wardrobe for spring so take her shopping and treat her to some clothes she actually wants to wear. You can make a day of it and go out for lunch too.

A spa day
Send her for a spa or to get her nails done. According to Forbes, a recent survey revealed that 48% of women made a spa day their top choice for a Mother’s Day gift. 72% of men that responded to the survey said they think moms want flowers. Quite the opposite!

Take a walk
You, mom and the wonders of nature – going for a long walk together offers plenty of opportunity for a heart-to-heart or just to enjoy some quiet time if your lives are a little hectic.

Clean for her
According to the Daily Worth, recent stats from the Bureau of Labor Statistics found that on an average day, 82 percent of women spent time on housework, compared with just 65 percent of men — and women spend longer per day doing these chores. Why not give her day off this Mother’s Day, clean the house and let her put her feet up.

A fun family day out
There’s nothing better than quality family time so make sure all the family is available and arrange a fun day, whether it’s at the local park, a trip to the beach or even just a day at home playing games.

A handwritten letter/card
A handwritten letter or card telling your mom how much she is appreciated will certainly go down well. Include some of your favourite memories together and it’s bound to have her in tears. Sometimes the gifts don’t matter, it’s the words that mean the most. The best part about this, it costs zero dollars.

Watch a movie

She can’t remember the last time she went to the cinema to see a good film. Take her to see a romantic comedy that will bring lots of laughter and tears, and take lots of popcorn.

Something handmade
Whether it’s a cake you’ve baked yourself, a handmade cushion or a hand painted mug from the kids, she’ll love the time and effort you’ve gone to.