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    Carri Wilbanks has been training to be a professional tourist her entire li...




A famed Atlantic Coast beach destination, whether its spring break or the middle of summer, Myrtle Beach is one of the most popular tourist destinations in South Carolina. It serves as the hub Myrtle Beach offers a 60-mile-long stretch of gold sand beaches and Cerulean blue water.


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    What's cooler than this backpack from Timbuk2? Customizing it top to bottom with different colors and patterns. I can fit everything in I need for an easy commute, including my laptop. Inside pockets make it easy to organize all the goods and an exterior one for my water bottle- live simple! Handmade in San Fran!

    Posted - a day ago
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    Can you hear it? The sound of music is playing in Denver through June 26. Growing up, it was one of my favorite stories and appreciated it even more as an adult. The set, costumes and talent all deserve a nod. Plus, new twists by Tony award winning director Jack o'brien make this slightly different than the childhood classic. @denvercenter @soundofmusicontour

    Posted - 2 days ago
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    Learned to fish three ways in Prince Albert National Park- trolling, casting and jibbing. Casting is my favorite and caught 4 fish. I (almost) feel like I could survive solo in the wild now.

    Posted - 7 days ago
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    A travel highlight: Visiting The Galápagos is Ecoventura - Galapagos on a 7 night yacht cruise. If you are planning to visit- now is the time.. here's why.

    Posted - 9 days ago
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    One of my favorite parts about visiting Ottawa Canada was a food tour with C'est Bon Epicurean Adventures through Byword Market- Canada's oldest market.

    Posted - 11 days ago

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