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It’s called the ‘Thousand Islands’ but even cooler is that there are actually more than 1,800 sub-continental pieces of land that make up the region. The islands, in the St. Lawrence River, straddle the border of the U.S. and Canada. Today, the region is a hub for outdoor enthusiasts who come for hiking, boating and kayaking. But the history of the area can be explored much deeper in places like Gananoque.

The Victorian town, in Ontario, on the Canadian side, is often called the gateway to the 1,000 Islands. In this video we have show you some of the top spots to visit on a trip, including a cruise with the Gananoque Boat Line to spots like the massive Boldt Castle, a tour with 1,000 Islands Helicopter Tour for incredible aerial views and a bike and picnic along the the Rideau Canal. When it comes to a place to stay, you don’t want to miss the Gananoque Inn which offers easy access for water activities like boating and fishing and is walking distance to the main street for breweries and restaurants.


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  • Carri Wilbanks "Catch Carri"

    Hiking in Pine, CO over the weekend to explore new trails. Always feels good checking a new one off, even though there are hundreds and hundreds still on my list in Colorado alone.

    Posted - 7 days ago
  • Carri Wilbanks "Catch Carri"

    The perfect Charlie Brown tree out in the woods. Maybe next year We will get taller than us. ❄️

    Posted - 8 days ago
  • Carri Wilbanks "Catch Carri"

    Calling all detectives! Puzzah has an awesome escape room added to the lineup. I.R.I.S. Is one of my favorites yet. Our team of 8 had one hour to complete the challenge: to go back in time and then return to the present to save the world. And we got it! Challenging, creative and original puzzles- makes it even more fun to solve.

    Posted - 16 days ago
  • Carri Wilbanks "Catch Carri"

    The kinds of trips offered by CMH Heli-Skiing & Summer Adventures a Banff based company, area ones that inspire you to change your lifestyle. Recently, I went on a three night heli summer trip to the Bobbie Burns Lodge in British Columbia. It left me with a different mindset about adventure travel.

    Posted - 18 days ago
  • Carri Wilbanks "Catch Carri"

    Hiking along the canyon headwall in Sedona. Each hike been incredible and all so different- but this hike to Boynton Canyon was my favorite. One of those hikes you don't want to be over. Maybe a second lap is needed.

    Posted - 20 days ago

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