Review: Leather Dog Leashes From Bold Lead Designs

Bold Lead Designs dog product

30 Dec Review: Leather Dog Leashes From Bold Lead Designs

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Leather dog leashes made by Bold Lead Designs are handcrafted and durable. This company keeps challenges of everyday dog owners, professional dog handlers and people with disabilities in mind by making best quality leather and hardware available.

BLD was founded by Katrina Boldry, who came up with the idea when she struggled to find the perfect replacement for a leather leash she had while raising a guide dog puppy as a teenager. There were no options on the market that had all the features and functions she needed. So, she set out to make her own. Soon friends and family were requesting leashes, and BLD was founded in 2008.

Today, the design team draws inspiration from conversations with customers, who share their frustrations with typical products and their inability to fill certain needs. BLD has now developed the first wheelchair-friendly dog lead and the sturdiest mobility harness available.

If you live locally, you can make an appointment to stop by the BLD workshop to check out products in-person and even have a leash or harness custom-made.

Bold Lead Designs  dog product

BLD items can also be ordered online. The 8×8 Lead ($67-$69), an 8 ft. long, 8-position, multifunctional leather leash is one of BLD’s most popular items. This leash doesn’t have a loop handle, but a bolt snap at each end so you can use it in any configuration. It’s great for taller people who need extra length, as it’s long enough to be placed over your shoulder for hands-free use and still give the dog plenty of room to roam (or even lie down as you stand).

Bold Lead Designs dog product

Another customer favorite is the Leather Belt & Leash System ($70-$73), which offers a hands-free waist leash perfect for an active lifestyle. The system includes a belt, belt loop attachement and a leash that is custom made to order for each person. The belt features a quick-release buckle that’s easy to unlatch in a hurry for safety, and the adjustable leash offers length for just the right amount of space to keep your dog close by, yet on a loose lead.

To shop BLD leashes and canine accessories, visit