10 Reasons to Visit Lake Charles, Louisiana

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  Find Louisiana’s most prized characteristics in the city of Lake Charles in the southern part of the state. Rich ecosystems crawling with gators, deep history, festive Cajun culture and twisting oak trees spilling into the streets are only the start to the landscape. Nicknamed the “Festival Capital of Louisiana,” the city throws a party […]

10 Reasons to Visit Door County Wisconsin


When a place is nicknamed Cherry Land USA, I am so there. Stretching across the peninsula north of Green Bay, Door County, Wisconsin is home to more than 2,000 acres of cherry orchards that annually produce up to 14 million pounds of the good stuff— sounds like heaven to me. Another big draw is the […]

Lions and Tigers and Lakes– Oh MI: 10 Reasons to Visit Ann Arbor


Ann Arbor is to Detroit what the Hamptons are to New York City—an escape from the city grime and daily grind. Hugging the banks of the Huron River, Ann Arbor is less than an hour drive from Detroit, yet the tree-lined streets of this college town might as well be in California for the lack […]

Q&A Inn on Ferry Street in Detroit, MI

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In case you forgot that Detroit used to be prosperous, a stay at the Inn on Ferry Street will remind you. The inn consists of four Victorian mansions and two carriage houses. The inn has been elaborately renovated true to its original style, with stunning carved-wood banisters, Victorian turrets, and grand fireplaces. We chat with […]

Top 10 Reasons To Go To Detroit


Because of its economic problems, Detroit got a pretty bad rap and became a symbol of urban decay, but economic revitalization is underway in some of its historic neighborhoods. Once one of America’s wealthiest cities, Detroit built up numerous attractions, entertainment venues, and sports stadiums. Now it’s becoming know as a place for cheap — really cheap — […]

Why Visit South Lake Tahoe? Mountains, Views, Water & Cuisine…


Boston.com features our video on South Lake Tahoe! Watch it by clicking here: Boston.com Why visit Tahoe South? Stunning vistas, some of the west coast’s best skiing, the largest alpine lake in North America and a buzzing nightlife scene can all be found in one place straddling the border of California and Nevada. South  Lake Tahoe […]

Top 10 Hotels In New Orleans

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New Orleans is a city like no other. From the very outset of the city’s founding, the many people living in New Orleans shared their cultures and traditions. This intermingling can be seen in the numerous influences in the city, from the stunning European-style architecture, the Creole and Cajun cuisine, and, of course, the numerous […]

The Ultimate Way to Spend Four Days in New Orleans


With limited vacation, one of the best ways to spend time in Orleans (or any city stateside for that matter) is a Thursday to a Sunday. Only 1.5 days of work what what! Keep bankin’ that vacation time. With only four days in the city, here is the ultimate way to spend them and still […]

Review: Antoine’s Restaurant: New Orleans


French-Creole cuisine is served with a dash of glamour in America’s oldest family-run restaurant, opened by Antoine Alciatore in 1840. This fine-dining restaurant acts as a culinary red carpet unfurling into New Orleans and its own colorful history. The fourteen dining rooms within the restaurant are differentiated by decorative themes: The 1840 Room embraces a […]

Biking Through the Lower Ninth Ward With Confederacy of Cruisers


Biking through the Lower Ninth Ward in New Orleans isn’t jockeying to the top of everyone’s travel to-do’s. It is one of the areas hardest hit  by  Hurricane Katrina and is still working to rebuild. But owners of Confederacy of Cruisers, Jeff Shyman and Lycia Ferguson, saw an incredible story they wanted to share. Sure there is still […]