Photo Journey: The Recently Rediscovered Part of Las Vegas

Container Shops

            I am all for hip happenings in town. After a recent trip to Las Vegas, I couldn’t wait to escape the strip. I wanted to experience what Fremont was all about. The Golden Nugget Hotel offered a break from all the madness. Still a happening casino yes, but was happy […]

10 Reasons to Visit Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Anglin’s Beach Café on the beach fort lauderdale florida

Fort Lauderdale was once known as a top spring break destination, a place where rum runners were guzzled and the party scene never turned off. But spend time here on vacation and you may too discover how this so coined “party city” has transformed into a vacation destination with a lot more in the mix. […]

Trekking Through Taos, New Mexico

Rio Grande Gorge Bridge New Mexico Catch Carri

The landscape of Taos, New Mexico, which sits in a valley surrounded by mountains, attracts artists from across the world on the trail of drawing inspiration from nature. This makes for a town saturated with art galleries and boutiques where artists are inside to greet you and talk about their pieces. Other bonuses of a […]

Photo Journey Through Taos, New Mexico.

Taos New Mexico

Recently, I took a trip to Taos, New Mexico to explore the landscape and culture. It’s a place that has attracted artists from all over the nation and is a city focused on creative alliances. Read more about my experience in Taos, New Mexico here, or simply enjoy the photos from the trip. Plus, check […]

I Was Ready To Give Up Skiing, Until A Lesson At Angel Fire Ski Resort

Southern Rocky Mountains Angel fire resort

After my last ski lesson, I left feeling more frustrated than accomplished. I was told:  “Lean forward like you are keeping your allowance between your shins.” Allowance? Wishing I had one, I took the advice. Only to then have my instructor swap out the tip and tell me that instead of leaning forward I should […]

Why Cleveland Is A City of Tops

Cleveland Ohio things to do

Cleveland is a city on the rise. With millions of dollars aimed towards redevelopment, construction is a constant (don’t worry it won’t take away from the experience) and shows a citywide effort to be a top tourist spot. The buzz of new hotels, new restaurants emerging neighborhoods are grabbing national attention. Here are just a […]

7 Reasons to Take a Trip to San Antonio, TX

El Machito San Antonio

San Antonio is well on the way to becoming one of the next mega tourist hubs for millenial’s. Austin has been stealing the spotlight for too long and the River City is re-staking its claim by offering unique experiences found only here.  Of course, historic elements like The Alamo and River Walk are still main attractions. […]

Cleveland, Ohio- It’s Not Just the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame

Cleveland Ohio things to do

  When you hear Cleveland, Ohio rust belt and rock and roll first come to mind, but there is more to this city than music and metal. Multi-million dollar redevelopment projects and new business is playing a key role in the revitalization of a city once rusted over in an economic downturn. Energy and city […]

San Antonio Dining Scene Booms: Q&A With Chef Steve McHugh


Steve McHugh, owner of CURED in San Antonio Texas, is at the forefront of the inventive dining boom in the city. He not only brings a vision to cooking that makes him stand out from the crowd but has fought one of the toughest battles- to cancer. Which is one of the plays to the name. “It […]

10 Reasons to Visit Roanoke, Virginia in Virginia’s Blue Ridge

visit roanoke

Tune into new kinds of adventure with a trip to Roanoke, Virginia, an outdoors focused city that sits on the world famous Blue Ridge Parkway and Appalachian Trail. Find easy access to backcountry hiking, international cuisine and an up and coming downtown.  And in nearby spots like Botetourt County and Smith Mountain Lake- turn up […]