Cuddling up with Dog Sled Rides of WinterPark


Cuddled up in a sleigh is one heckuva way to travel through the forests of Winter Park, Colorado. Dog Sled rides of Winter Park own over 80 Siberian and Alaskan huskies anxious to pull guests through sparkling powdered snow. Twelve huskies in two rows are hooked to a central wire before the 45 minute ride commences. The team is like a group of kids antsy for the recess bell to ring.

Crunching over untracked snow, the dogs guide you to views of mountain peaks, the Continental Divide and Winter Park Ski Resort. Commands from the musher guide them to turn left right or halt. At the end of the ride you will return to the grounds to meet, pet and adore the pups. The team lives on the property and each dog has their own hut to sleep and an exercise yard to play in.

Sleds can accommodate up to three people as long as the weight doesn’t exceed 350 pounds. Prices range from $85 to $210 dollars. Make sure to bundle up and don’t forget ski goggles and a cold weather ski mask if you have one.  Gallery not found. Please check your settings.

If you are ready to be swift through the forests of Winter Park by precious Huskies visit: